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The Art of Climate Planning
funded by a City of Ames Small Art Grant


The Art of Climate Planning was produced by The EcoTheatre Lab and funded by a City of Ames Small Art Grant. The project was inspired by the City of Ames’ commitment to developing a climate action plan in the coming months. The EcoTheatre Lab commissioned seven local artists to develop art pieces with the aim of encouraging community participation in the climate action planning process. These art pieces were displayed in various community spaces between September 2021 and March 2022. A big thank you to everyone involved in the Octagon Center for the Arts’ Outrage to Change Project in Summer 2020, which inspired the structure for The Art of Climate Planning.

The Art of Climate Planning Hosts: ISU South Library Lawn, Ames Public Library, Ames Middle School, Ames High School, Ames Farmers' Market, Play Ames: Imagine Your City community engagement festival, Octagon Center for the Arts and Octagon Art Festival, Ames Chamber of Commerce, Dog-Eared Books, Mayhem Comics and Games, Mark Doyle State Farm Agency, Cafe Diem, Reiman Gardens, Reliable Street Gallery, Skunk River Cycles, Z. W. Mercantile, Worldly Goods, Macubana, ISU's Sustainapalooza, North Grand Mall, and ISU College of Design


Show photographers: Lena Menefee-Cook, Charissa Menefee, Taylor Sklenar
Jurors: Vivian M Cook, Charissa Menefee, Tarran Sklenar, Taylor Sklenar 

The EcoTheatre Lab 2021-2022 Intern: Piper Smith


Ways to get involved in Ames' climate action planning process:


Visit or for updates on the Ames climate action planning process and ways to get involved. 

Sign Ames Climate Action Team's letter calling for 100% clean energy and carbon neutrality for Ames!

Sign Climate Reality Campus Corps at ISU’s call for 100% clean energy at Iowa State University!

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