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Omar de Kok-Mercado
Envisioning Climate Futures Through Art

About Omar: 


Omar’s technical expertise in soil microbiology and agroecology informs his creative practice. He incorporates this technical knowledge into the inner workings of his creations building sculptures that interact with the natural world. In a hyper-connected world stripped of mystery, his work reflects our innate curiosity and works to cultivate our sense of wonder. Whether that’s flying custom built drones through an oak savanna or simulating space time dynamics via video feedback generated through four foot autonomous kaleidoscopes, his work demonstrates it’s still a wild world ripe for exploration.


Omar lives on his farm with his wife and son, two dogs, two cats, and a herd of virtually fenced goats in rural Pilot Mound, Iowa, the ancestral homelands of the Ioway tribe, with Sauk and Fox tribes to the east and Omaha to the west. 

Connect with Omar and find out more about his work

(and check out some samples of his work in the gallery below): 

Photo credits: Omar de Kok-Mercado and Robb Klassen

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