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Moselle Nita Singh
Celebration as a Mechanism for Resistance

About Moselle: 


Moselle Nita Singh is an artist of Punjabi descent with a background in agroecology and biodiversity regeneration. She has a Bachelor of Arts in cultural anthropology and a Master of Science in ethnobotany. Moselle has worked at various nonprofit organizations, biodiversity initiatives, and small organic farms across the Midwest, as well as Nicaragua and India. Growing up, she often turned to the more-than-human world to foster a sense of belonging. Experiencing the effects of industrial farming catalyzed her activism, as well as her interest in the ways in which we celebrate, honor, and defend our relationship with life through grassroots organizing, seed saving, and art. In the fall of 2020, she turned towards art as her primary mode of exploration, expression, healing, and activism. 


Moselle Singh grew up in a rural area on the west side of the Mississippi River, the ancestral lands of predominantly Sauk & Meskwaki nations, which overlaps with lands of the Peoria, Sioux, and Kickapoo nations. Much of her art activism has been localized to "Iowa", which is largely Ioway, Sioux, Sauk & Meskwaki lands, and she currently lives near Lake Monona, which is predominantly Ho-Chunk territory and overlaps with Sioux, Sauk & Fox territories. 

Connect with Moselle and find out more about her work

(and check out some samples of her work in the gallery below): 

Gallery  Credits: Artwork by Moselle Nita Singh;

Silk Screen Prints and Photos by David Solnit; 

Other Photos by Moselle, Great Plains Action Society,

and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

Moselle Nita Singh

Above Photo Credit: Coley Photography

Below Image: "Fanaa" by Moselle

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