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DK (DeAn Kelly)
Rehearsing the Language of Climate Action

About DK: 

DeAn Kelly, also known as DK Just Human, is a Hiphop influencer and mentor. He is committed to producing positive Hiphop music and has 5 years of experience in community engagement, performance, and hosting workshops and events. DK is from Des Moines, Iowa and is here to inspire through the arts.


DK has engaged in work in Des Moines  and Osceola, Iowa, the ancestral lands of the Báxoǰe or Ioway, Sauk, and Meskwaki;  the New Jersey Great Pine Barrens, the ancestral lands of the Lenape; and Arizona on the ancestral lands of the Navajo Nation.  

Connect with DK and find out more about his work

(and check out some samples of his work in the gallery below): 

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