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Alice McGary
Creating Spaces Where We Invite, Imagine, Empower

About Alice: 


I am a farmer, fiddler, potter, weaver, quilter, mentor, and community facilitator, and I’m excited about beauty, justice, community, and being outside. I live and work at the Mustard Seed Community Farm, which is an 11-acre diversified, cooperative farm in northeastern Boone county, near the Ioway Creek.  Many have lived on this land before us, including the Ioway and Meskwaki people, and the plants and creatures of the tall-grass prairie and savanna - all of whom live more cooperatively and gracefully on the land of this region, and all of whom have been forcibly pushed into much tinier territories, to the great detriment of Iowa and our world. Here on the farm, I've been on a journey of trying to learn how to be a better community member of our ecosystem and our planet.  I've been learning a lot - from the wisdom of my elders and peers and from many mistakes and I still have so much to learn!

Connect with Alice and find out more about her work

(and check out some of her quilt samples in the image on this page!):

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