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Ruth Rabinowitz
Documenting Climate Resilience Through Art

About Ruth: 


Ruth Rabinowitz was born in Michigan, raised in Arizona, and has lived for over 30 years in the Bay Area of California. Ruth designed a farmhouse and is now living on her land  in Southern Iowa. Ruth holds a BA in Art from University of California Santa Cruz, an Early Childhood Education Site Supervisor degree and PDC Permaculture Design Certificate. When Ruth was a young girl, her father, David, began purchasing farmland in the Midwest with an aim to pass these farms to his two daughters. Without being raised on a farm, aside from the urban one acre Arizona garden her family owned, Ruth stepped into the role as Farm Manager of the family land in Iowa and South Dakota in 2012. She learned the farm business and caring for farmland from soup to nuts primarily through studying the web, engaging with NRCS and FSA offices, and attending farm conferences and field days. Her art includes travel photography, portraiture, wheel and hand built ceramics, interior design and landscape design and installation.  Her newest art form is wood farm signs, embellished with names of farm locations and carvings of the plants and animals that live on the farms.

Ruth is a part of the following organizations: 

Practical Farmers of Iowa 

Women, Food and Agriculture Network 

Climate Land Leaders 

Xerces Society 

Pheasants Forever 

Iowa Farmers Union 

Environmental Defense Fund 

From Oxbow Farms:

We acknowledge that Oxbow Farms is located on Indigenous Lands of the Ochethi Sakowin, Sauk, Meskawaki, Kaw, Wahpeton, Yanktonai and recognize the Indigenous peoples who have lived and continue to live on these lands.

Connect with Ruth and find out more about her work

(and check out some samples of her work in the gallery below): 

Ruth Rabinowitz
Rabinowitz 300 trees, grassed waterways and no till oats cover crop soybean farm

Photo credits: Ruth Rabinowitz

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