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"Topographic Possibility" by Kelsey Zimmerman

Artist Bio:


Kelsey Zimmerman is a writer and visual artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan currently in her

second year of Iowa State’s MFA program in Creative Writing & Environment, where she is concurrently pursuing a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. Her work explores themes of family, loneliness, and wilderness – the wilderness in nature and within ourselves – and she’s always looking for new ways to use image + text together. A 2021 Best of the Net Nominee, you can find her work at her website,

Artist Statement: 

I spend a great deal of my time thinking about the intersections between maps, words, photographs, history, and media, and as a result, collage has recently become a second home for my artistic endeavors. It can be difficult to imagine things changing for the better, but it is possible, and planning for a better future is a radical act of hope we can share throughout our communities. Is it particularly likely that Ames will get a high-speed rail? Well, probably not. But it also definitely won’t happen without community involvement. The same goes for all other possibilities out there. Once we begin to imagine what could be, we open the door for it to happen.

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