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"Disposed" by Brittny Rebhuhn

Artist Bio:


Brittny Rebhuhn is a midwestern artist and creator. Originally from a farm not too far from Storm Lake, IA, she now calls Ames, IA home. She is a graduate from Iowa State University and Dell'arte International School of Physical Theatre. During her studies, her love of collaboration and creation was ignited. She has toured North America with several small ensembles making weird plays and music. She has a deep passion for  obscure characters and off the cuff tales. Her area of focus is ensemble based, devised theater with an emphasis on physical storytelling. She is excited about movement, mask work, object manipulation, and taking risks. 

Artist Statement: 

My work explores avenues of storytelling through performance, with a perspective driven by curiosity and joy. I find that my work is rough, raw, imperfect and fantastical. When these collide, I invite the audience into the present moment where they are asked to become curious themselves. 


This project is brought to you by your trash! Materials normally discarded, without being given a second thought. This street puppet provokes the audience to ask themselves about the things they discard, such as plastic grocery bags. Through street engagement and by trapping passers by, it ignites the audience to reimagine the material consumption and disposal.  


I want the audience to ask: What am I going to do with the growing mound of plastic bags under my kitchen sink? Where can I recycle them? How am I disposing of plastic materials? What are we doing locally for the environment in our home, in our community?  

Assistant Puppet Designer:

Lena Menefee-Cook


Brittny Rebhuhn

Lena Menefee-Cook

Taylor Sklenar

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